#Interview Cheyenne Elliott By Eileen Shapiro

Talented and beautiful Cheyenne Elliott, who just happens to be the granddaughter of the legendary icon Dionne Warwick, is bound to be raising some eyebrows as she begins filming her debut big screen appearance in a new horror movie, Clinton Road.

Elliott thus far has concentrated on her music and songwriting and has appeared at the 2017 Life Ball, the largest and most decadent and prestigious charity event in the world, singing a duet with her grandmother. She has showcased her vocal talent at the Duplex in New York City and has been featured at The Imperial Court of New York’s Night of a Thousand Gowns, as well as New York Pride.

The movie is currently in production, and on behalf of jimmySTARSworld, we’d like to wish her much luck, and will be looking forward to its release.

Briefly describe the premise of the film and the character you portray.
It is a horror movie very loosely based on some of the urban legends and stories behind the famous Clinton Road in New Jersey. My character will be a celebrity guest of the nightclub owned by Vincent Pastore’s character in the film. I will be in the company of some of the other well-known actors and celebrities in this scene taking place in the VIP area of the nightclub. I am excited about working with this cast, which includes Ice-T, Vincent Pastore, Bo Dietl, Vincent Young, Fredro Starr, Erin O’Brien, Ace Young and some other very talented actors, as well as the producers – Steve Stanulis, Noel Ashman and Richard Grieco for Stanulis Productions.

How is the character similar to you?
My character is both similar and different from me. I think a lot of people assume that all singers and actors hang out at clubs every night. I always enjoy when I am able to get out and have fun with my friends or family and people from the business. But, I am working so hard to prepare for several new opportunities that are coming up that I do not actually get to go out like that. In the movie I will be out and about, having a good time with other characters. In real life I am working on my career and working out most of the time!

How will you prepare for the part?
I treat auditions and will treat any role like I am preparing for a lead role. So, I am setting up one-on-one sessions with my esteemed acting coach, Susan Batson, to go over my lines and prepare for this role. Susan has the ability to extract the essence of any character out of the actor she is coaching. I have also spoken with the producers about going on a ride-along on the actual Clinton Road for inspiration. I am a huge fan of horror and thrillers. That opportunity of actually going to Clinton Road at night sounds terrifyingly exciting.

When and where will the movie premiere?
The film will premiere in New York City. But, it needs to be filmed first before there is a release date set! I will keep you all posted on my social networking sites! The premiere will certainly be star-studded!

Are you working on any new musical projects?
I am excited to share with all of you that I will be recording new songs in a few weeks. They are really fresh and current! I am happy to be getting back into the recording studio! Hopefully we can get them released as soon as possible so that we can all share my joy!

What’s next for you in the movie industry, and what are your hopes for your future as an actress?
My hope is that “the best is yet to come!” I am thrilled about this film and other projects that my team and I are considering.

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