James Labrosse: “Orange Night” by Eileen Shapiro

New York based artist James Labrosse has just released his eight track album titled, “Orange Nights”. The release is LaBrosse’s contribution to the growing flamenco-jazz genre. It includes sounds of the 80’s, with production elements, synthesis, electronic sound design, and R&B.

The purpose of the album is to infuse different genres using flamenco, jazz, R&B, and electronics, to create a fresh sound. When James was 18 he moved to Spain to learn flamenco and is now based in New York where he celebrates music as a career.

I spoke to James about his love for jazz, and his writing processes. He’s an accomplished musicians and this album is a musical masterpiece. …

Tell me a little about your new album.

We started production in 2016. We actually started recording on Election Day. It was the first recording session in the East Village, a really cool. We started that and I called my co-producer, Javier Escudero.

Jazz seems to me like a hard genre, for me ….more difficult to find a theme or a message to fit.

Most people who listen to jazz have a certain taste for it. It’s like wine, you don’t like wine at first as a teenager. Then you learn to like it, and then you’ll learn to love it. I guess it’s harder to kind of communicate the message. Another music the lyric is easier to communicate.

How did you get into jazz anyway?

From playing, from learning new things, listening to different people ….I was introduced to it. I started playing jazz with some people and I got to learn it little by little. Then I started listening to Mikes Davis, and Chet Baker, and John Coltrane and that just opened my world.

Do you enjoy all music?

I like everything. I love corny folk music of other countries, but I love everything. Popular music isn’t my favorite , but some things I can appreciate.

On this new album, is there a favorite song that you enjoy playing live or that means the most to you?

I’d say “Orange Nights the title track off the album.

I love the name of the album.

Thank you.

What influences your song writing?

I start with either a melody or some chords that I’d be putting together together by messing around and I like how they sound. Sometimes I’ll just sit there and I start humming and melody along to it sometimes I’ll just be possessed by something and the lyrics will come in. I don’t consider myself much of a songwriter but I wrote all the lyrics to this album except for one. I just kind of start singing to it and go into this kind of trance. It just comes out.

What clubs do you usually post at, just because I’m a New Yorker also.

I’d say Nublu. I had my album release show two weeks ago and it was at the ShapeShifter, but that was the first time there. Nublu is a cool spot, Rockwood….

You’re pretty much a full time musician?

Yeah, I do corporate stuff and Weddings, private parties and teaching. Then this is my passionate job, my music.


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