Lizzy Latimer: “Can’t Cage Me” by Eileen Shapiro

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“Sometimes it’s the element that most attracts a partner to you that in the end, the partner can handle”
“You can clip the wings of your partner in order to make them stay, rather you can improve yourself so they’ll never want to leave”… Lizzy Latimer

Australian recording artist and violinist Lizzy Latimer has recently released her new single, a powerful anthemic masterpiece, entitled; “Can’t Cage Me”. An accomplished musician, classically trained, and a multi instrumentalist, Lizzy has been in bands since her teens and playing the violin since age 3. She’s also performed in symphonies in orchestras around the world however is in love with hip-hop….

When you wrote your new single did you realize it could become the female anthem of the century?

Wow, that would be amazing if it did! Lol It didn’t initially occur to me, no! I started out experimenting with a beat as simple as possible, and sang some lyrics over it. They were much more passive. I listened back and thought ‘I can’t sing that! We women are worth so much more than that!’ So I took the lyrics back to the drawing board and the hook came out the complete opposite. The rest of the song evolved out of the hook, however, it wasn’t until Kyah Baby put down her verse that I saw the power behind the song as a whole. It kind of hit me how relatable and all too common this experience is for women.

I’m curious to know what your influences were growing up?

I moved around a bit growing up which I think gave me a different perspective on things than I might have had if I stayed in the one area my whole childhood. Besides music, there were strong influences from my dad’s rural background and my mum’s Indonesian background. As a result I can fix almost anything and am always interested in different cultures.

Did personal situations influence this particular song?

To a certain extent, but the song is also influenced by bits and pieces of the experiences of people around me. Gender role expectations on women have a long way to go before things will be equal so unfortunately it’s such a common experience.

I think that playing the violin has a cool place in pop music now, tell me your musical history.

Yea, violin is definitely becoming cooler than it used to be! I grew up learning classical violin through the Suzuki method. It was such a social experience and I have many friends from the journey. I actually started piano first and learnt it for years but it never clicked with me in quite the same way as the violin. I guess the violin became an extension of me.

My high school didn’t have an orchestra so I picked up the double bass in the school band. My first time to the States was with that band. Double bass lead to bass guitar in a few rock bands here and there. The Sydney Youth Orchestra was an amazing experience. The standard of the orchestra is such that many people go on to careers in classical music from there. I do love playing classical music on the violin because it’s such an expressive instrument, but I guess I’m not that passionate about classical music in general. I get a lot out of teaching violin though. Working with the kids and watching them grow and learn is really rewarding.

I fell in love with hip hop when I first heard Snoop Dogg and Dr Dre as a kid. The music that makes my soul move has to have a syncopated rhythm and a lot of bass! I love rap as an art form and expressive lyrics that tell a story. I guess that’s why most of my songs so far are telling a story rather than being more cryptic.

Do you plan on touring?

I would really like to tour soon, however, I need to be in a position where I can have enough musicians and dancers involved because I would like the show to tell a story and make the audience feel like they are a part of it.

If you can have your ultimate stage fantasy, what would you need to happen?

Over the years through working in theater in a technical capacity and performing in orchestras and bands, I have met some insanely talented technicians, musicians, dancers and other performers from various countries around the world. My ultimate stage fantasy would be to create and be part of a show that incorporated many of these people, drawing the audience in on a journey giving them an experience they’ll take away with them. If I could make that happen it’d make me feel pretty freaking fantastic!

If you could be asked any question in the world what would you want me to ask you and how would you answer it?

Question: If you had an investor for a show run right now, what would the show look like?

I have a friend in South Africa who I met years ago on a show. She’s such an inspiration, she and a group of women have a their own theatre show that travels internationally. We have discussed the idea of collaborating for a show. Her vibe is all about female empowerment which ties in nicely with the theme of my song, Can’t Cage Me, and a couple of others yet to be released. African drums, western drums, 808s, bass, a mini orchestra, vocals and a lot of dance! We could really showcase some of what women are capable of. I would hope that women would come away inspired and encouraged, and men would feel uplifted from the show also. Most men have women in their lives, be it a mom, sisters, aunties, nieces, friends, partner etc. I would hope to present a work of art that could be appreciated across the board.

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