Jillian Shea: “Story” by Eileen Shapiro

“Story” is the new single just released by the spirited teen-pop sensation, Jillian Shea. The single tells the tale of the drama surrounding relationships and how hard it is to give someone up even though you know you should.

Jillian is an extremely talented teen who writes and sings her own music and is also an actress appearing on the Disney XD scripted-Improv series, “Walk the Prank” as “Bailey,” the only female lead on the show. She discovered her love of guitar at age 12 and is now writing and recording her own original music. My prediction for her is that she will become the next Ariana Grande or better.

We shared some questions and answers regarding a career….

You are probably the next Ariana Grande, only better….who are your influences musically?

My biggest influences are Tori Kelly and Ed Sheeran. Working with either one of them–or both–would be a dream come true.

Do you write your own songs and if so where do you get your themes?

I write almost all of my own music, but sometimes I collaborate with friends or family on the lyrics. “Story” was all me! I get my themes from what’s occurring around me, like my own and my friends’ experiences.

Aside from singing you are also an actress, what was/is your most “fun” role, or experience you’ve had thus far?

Playing the part of Bailey on “Walk the Prank” was such a great experience for me. I made so many good friends through that show. Because the show was a combination of scripted scenes and real-life pranks, I got to play a lot of other fun characters when doing the pranks, like a robot, ghost, possessed girl, and even a creepy psychic! It was my first series regular role, so no matter what other parts I get, Bailey will always hold a special place in my heart..

How’d you acquire your massive social media following?

I think it’s important to be a role model for other girls, so I always tried to have a platform teens can enjoy and communicate with me. When Musical.ly was at its peak, I posted a lot of videos, especially when I had covers to share. I try to post daily on Instagram and collaborate with other artists so we can help each other discover new followers.

How are you involved with “Children International?”

Since I was young, my family has always sponsored several children through this organization, which helps kids in developing countries with medicine, education, clothing and basic needs so they will be more successful in life. I try to spread the word about how easy it is to sponsor kids, and I have occasionally done some small fundraisers to donate money. I hope to do more in the near future.

Which do you find more challenging, music or acting and why?

Both the acting and music industries have their challenges at times, but I really enjoy doing both. Writing and singing my own songs is pretty rewarding, though, so I’m glad I am able to work on music when I’m not acting.

Are you working on a next project?

I hope to follow up “Story” with another new single (or two!) this fall.

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