Live Review: Ike Avelli New York City: September 2017

Comedian, producer, satirical genius, Ike Avelli just coming off of spreading joy and laughter at the Rochester “Fringe Festival”, arrived at both The Duplex and The Bowery Electric for the soul purpose of causing hilarity, and filling the venues with uproarious merriment. 

Ike fears nothing when it comes to picking a topic to joke upon. His agenda covers themes from his mom being a slut to Whitney Houston to Ricky Martin. He has toured the country with his successfully funny “50 Shades of Gay”, “I’ve Slept My Way to the Top”, “I Thought I Would Be Dead by Now”, “You’re A Mean One, Ike Avelli”, and several others equally as funny. He continues to think up new means for woman’s mascara to run and for men to pee their pants.

Putting a twist on subjects that one wouldn’t ordinarily laugh about, with an air of confidence, he tackles the most challenging audiences. Opening for dance solo artist Aaron Paul, pop artist Brian Falduto, and EDM/Rocker Toggo Ultrarock, in a venue that has been accustomed to music only, was certainly a challenge. He met it head on warming up the crowd for what was to come. A welcomed personality in New York’s nightlife, Ike loves to be on stage, and is addicted to the congregations laughter, which was abundant during both performances.

2017-09-19 Aaron Paul’s birthday celebration at The Duplex, with show featuring Toggo Ultrarock, Ike Avelli, and Aaron.

His idols include Joan Rivers, Sandra Bernhardt, and Whoopie Goldberg. With heroes like that it seems no surprise that he was nominated for the Glam Awards in 2013/2015. In 2014 he won the Get Out Magazine Award for “Comedian of the Year”. Keep your eyes and ears opened for Ike’s Christmas show coming up soon.

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