Logan O’Neill “Phoenix Rising”

Logan suddenly showed up at a Fashion Week event equipped with the coolest, largest and professional looking video equipment and camera that I’ve ever encounter close up. I was sure he was sent from a television studio, however I soon learned he was from “Phoenix Risen”, an eloquent production company owned by Logan Curtis.

I further learned that Logan O’Neill was one of the most prolific videographers on the planet…. and he was handsome as well. I couldn’t resist an interview …

You are an amazing videographer, how did you become interested in making videos?

I have always been interested in movies and grew up watching the classics. It wasn’t until after I got out of the military in 2014 that I pursued film full time. I love to act and be in front of the camera as well and have done many things as an actor but I got tired of begging for roles and seeing products people that claim to know what they are doing that look horrible. I decided to go to film school and learn how to make movies and videos the correct way.

What is it that seems to set you above the rest?

Ha ha, I’m not sure if I’m set above the rest but I appreciate the comment. All I try to do is work with the client openly and try to capture the ideas they have in their mind and transfer that to video. Being a perfectionist honestly helps and I would never want my name on something that is less than the best I can do. If I wouldn’t be proud of it I wouldn’t expect my clients to be either.

Have you worked with Christian for a while now?

I met Christian on a short film set last year. We have been working together for over 6 months now and I’m really glad we met. He’s on the same level as me and I don’t even have to tell him what I am thinking for a shot or even how to edit it. We just click and that makes it so much easier to work with because we are on the same page.

What is the best thing about working with “Phoenix Rising”?

The best thing about working with Phoenix Risen Studios is that we are all friends as well as co-workers and we all respect each other. We are a team and realize there is nothing we can’t do together and without each other we cannot achieve the dreams we all have. We support each other so that all of us grow and benefit. Also, the trips and job locations are definitely not a downside.

Do you have any favorite highlights from NYFW?

I loved everything about 2018 NYFW but my highlight would have to be the Phoenix Risen Studios after party, lots of fun there. I did love attending all the shows and it was really cool meeting everyone. I especially liked meeting the Swedish Models and their film crew at Stevie Boi’s show. Again though, the entire two weeks was an incredible experience and I’m very thankful to be a part of it.

What advice would you give anyone who wanted to join the world of video?

My advice to anyone looking to get into video is to do a lot of research on the youtube and that film school is not really necessary. You can learn most things online these days and honestly, this industry is 90% who you know. Study, work hard, don’t give up, and most importantly, have a backup plan. Your dream is to enter and be successful in the hardest industry on the planet. Good luck and don’t give up!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PhoenixRisenStudios/

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