Review – Codie Prevost: “Radio” by Eileen Shapiro

About to be launched, but ready to pre-order, is a rockin’ new release from Canadian country recording star Codie Prevost entitled “Radio”. With eight story-telling tracks, none of which are simply album fillers, Prevost will be celebrating hit after hit, not a dog in the bunch.

The lead song, “You Won’t Sleep Tonight”, “You Won’t Sleep Tonight, Oh no…Ill keep you up till the morning light”, is a sexy and romantic, knee slapping blast. “Take It Out On Me”, is a sing along, can’t get it out of my head, musical fascination. “Today’s Not My Day”, is a heartwarming vibration, while “Shut it Down” is a welcoming, everyone in the bar is joining in, type of sonic fun. “Already There” is a musical victory, and my personal favorite. “In My Book”, is filled with catchy words and reminiscent of something Wailing Jennings might have come up with. “Loudmouths”, is just fun, powerfully energetic, and can easily become an anthem. “I wanna get lost in the static, let these memories just come pouring through. Close my eyes feel the magic that thrills my soul when you do what you do. No one takes me back like you….”Old Clock Radio”, is a flash back to a special time….a memory Codie looks back on with an emotional relevance.

This is Codie Prevost 5th studio album and the one he claims to be most proud of, and rightly so. From the artist: “Radio is a special word to me. It’s the first place I heard music while growing up on the farm from sitting on a combine to driving down back roads, the radio was always on with the country music blasting as loud as the old Chevy speakers would go without distorting. I have so many life memories with the radio was there right beside me”.

The perfect country artist has come out with a perfectly audacious country album. Each song has its own charm and sensibility, making the entire release worth purchasing. Even for those who touch lightly upon the country music scene, I advise that you give it a shot, you might just become a hardcore country music fan. Those who loyally follow Codie Prevost already know just how great it is even before it’s release. Currently if you visit you will find out how it get a free copy and be able to get an autographed copy. The true release date is February 2018, but if you’re slick, you can get it prior…..

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