UK Superstar Sam Stevens To Release New Single “Don’t Cry” On Friday March 9th, 2018

UK singing sensation Sam Stevens (also known internationally as the James Bond of the Music World) is releasing his new single “Don’t Cry” on Friday March 9th, 2018. Make sure to get your copy as soon as it is available!

Sam Stevens formed his first band at 14 as he found the ideal vehicle for his passion. Singing, playing guitar and writing songs. From Led Zeppelin to Thin Lizzy, David Bowie and Roxy Music, music started to take hold of him.

Sam’s creativity and ideas in all art mediums seemed infinite and prolific and with a talent for language and fine Art a natural progression to Art School and University was essential. Leaving high school with the perfect grades for Art School, the next 3 years were pretty much mapped out with the excesses of London Art School living in full flow. The true beauty and infinite depth of Art, Language and Literature started to unfold in front of him. This time of life coincided with London’s ‘New Romantic’ movement of the late 1970’s/early 80’s and was the perfect platform to perform, indulge and create.

This period saw Sam rubbing shoulders with Boy George, Spandau Ballet, Steve Strange and the Hoi Polloy of the Blitz Club, Club for Heroes as part of the ‘In Crowd’. With no visible means of support the excitement of the times creating music, making clothes, painting 30ft murals and dancing to Electronic music took precedence over food and water. Sam then cultivated his performing style playing in many bands whilst running nightclubs such as the Camden Palace, Electric Ballroom, Barfly etc so that he could take to the stage whenever he liked. In 1992 Sam visited the US East coast, West coast and Minneapolis striking up friendships with the ‘Minneapolis Set’ and famously playing guitar to ‘Just my Imagination’ whilst sharing a small stage at Bunkers with Prince.

Returning to London he then decided … to give it all up.

Sam went to work in the City of London selling professional IT services for 8 years and enjoyed the excesses of city life and whilst making money enough to buy his first home, where he met his first wife Sarah. After a marriage of 2 years, his daughter Lily was born and unfortunately the marriage came to an end.

Now with the age of technology Sam refurbished the large garage of his home in Nottingham and turned it into his first home studio. Writing between work commitments and cultivating his ‘sound’, as a prolific songwriter and with a raft of new influences and new technologies sam has penned in excess of 500 songs in the past 10 years. Sam again took to the stage, recently completing his first New York City club tour, packing houses everywhere he performed.

Now, the James Bond of the Music World is ready to rock the planet with his new single “Don’t Cry” available worldwide on all digital platforms Friday, March 9th, 2018. Make sure to support this indie superstar on his new endeavor, often being compared to Duran Duran and David Bowie, as he is an incredible showman and super talented singer/musician.

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