Eileen Shapiro The Incomparable Rockstar Journalist Guests on Chance TV

EILEEN SHAPIRO The Legend Herself with ChanceTV

Rock Star Journalist for over 40 publications, Eileen Shapiro, guests on ChanceTV with television host & celebrity interviewer Chance Spiessbach.

Tiffany Hadish & Eileen Shapiro
Tiffany Hadish & Eileen Shapiro
Eileen Shapiro has successfully interviewed some of the greatest of the greats of the last few decades from: Lizzo, Kesha, Rachel Weisz, Billy Porter, Kelly Ripa, Jennifer Hudson, Emma Stone, Brooke Shields, Jane Lynch, Cheap Trick, Adam Ant, Melissa Etheridge, Diana Ross, Brooke Shields, Lee Ann Rimes, B-52’s, Jody Watley, Leonard Nimoy, George Takei to Adam Ant. She may have the hair the color of a Unicorn and the body of Anna Nicole Smith, BUT, Eileen is best known for her keen sense of discovering talented artists and propelling them into heights never imagined. To be represented by the great Eileen Shapiro is an accomplishment in itself.
Billy Idol & Eileen Shapiro
 The moment Eileen Shapiro arrives on the red carpet, a frenzy breaks out because everyone wants to know who the great Eileen Shapiro has just discovered, who she will chose to interview and will soon turn into a mega star.
Having written for over 40 worldwide publications in music,  film, and television she is a sought after commodity in the world of entertainment journalism. Shapiro now has a weekly publication in “Get Out Magazine” one of the top gay magazines in America.  She has just released a sure to be best selling book, “Precious Little Devils” about rock and punk stars mixed with some gay drag queens that will take you on a musical ride that will blow your mind and you will never forget.
Adam Ant & Celebrity Journalist Eileen Shapiro
Never to sit idle, Eileen Shapiro has also partnered with Dr. Jimmy Star of “JIMMY STARS WORLD WITH RON RUSSELL“,  to build a powerhouse PR firm that stretches around the globe.  World Star PR.
The “Queen” Eileen Shapiro
Enjoy this interview from ChanceTV where you will be inspired, intrigued, and fall in love with one of the hardest working professionals in entertainment.
Rose Byrne & Eileen Shapiro at “Like A Boss Red Carpet”
Eileen’s newest book is a salaciously romantic portrayal of rock star competition meets the 1980s through American Idol, The Voice, and Glee, all rolled into one with a twist. Brooklyn and the Precious Little Devils win a spot on a brand-new rock-and-roll completion, mentored by Tristan Bondage, a tortured ex-post-punk idol that once was, and then the unthinkable happens … The story line and characters, fused with gay drag queens and heartfelt emotion, become contagiously addicting, causing laughter, tears, and a quest for more.
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World Star PR

Eileen Shapiro & Jimmy Star founded WorldStarPR.

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