Hooked Like Helen Guest On The Leo Affects Hosted By Ray Rumsey

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Indie Pop Duo Hooked Like Helen guest on The Leo Affects hosted by Ray Rumsey.

Ray Rumsey is a podcaster and voice actor from upstate New York. He uses his podcast as a means to learn more about the lives of people that are doing and have done great things. His primary goal in his podcast is to promote the guest and enlarge their fan base. Hopefully this will bring more light to them, their goals, and any projects or agendas they may have that they would like to share with the world.

Hooked Like Helen began as the musical brainstorms of husband-and-wife, Jon and Nikki Stipp. Experimental home recordings quickly developed into an alt-pop vision; within a year of the project’s inception, Nikki and Jon had shaped a new sound that reflected their truth and their influences in a seamless blend of organic and electronic production. The band’s 2019 five song EP, Tragedy Of Physics, co- produced by Nikki and long-time friend and collaborator, Grammy-winning Isha Erskine, garnered international attention: The music video for the angsty-beautiful piano ballad ‘Liar’ was premiered on Radio Disney platforms and was released Oct 4th as part of the soundtrack for the movie High Strung: Free Dance.

Listen to Hooked Like Helen on The Leo Affects on Anchor FM here:


The official website for The Leo Affects may be found at:

The official website for Hooked Like Helen may be found at: https://www.hookedlikehelen.com

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