Jimmy Fallon Roasts Exiting ‘Bachelor’ Host Chris Harrison On ‘The Tonight Show’

On Monday’s episode of The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon roasted The Bachelor’s Chris Harrison, who has officially exited the reality franchise after 19 years as its host, as Deadline told you first.

Right now, Fallon joked, Harrison is “editing his resume like, ‘Matchmaker with 19 years’ experience and three successful couples, give or take?’”

“Harrison knew there was trouble when producers brought his suitcase to a meeting,” he continued. “It’s going to be awkward in the finale when the limo driver lowers the partition to reveal it’s Chris Harrison.”

During his opening monologue, Fallon also touched on The Bachelorette in particular, which returned for a new season (fronted by Katie Thurston) last night.

“I’m pumped for this season because we get to see people spreading viruses the old-fashioned way,” said the NBC late-night host. “That’s right. After a year locked inside, viewers were like, ‘You know? Hooking up with 30 strangers doesn’t seem so crazy anymore.’”

While most people are “fired up” that the dating show is back, Fallon said its important to remember, amidst the drama, that The Bachelorette is “a staged show that’s mostly fake, kind of like a boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul.”

He then took shots at contestants on Thurston’s season, including a ‘Zipper Sales Manager’ named Cody and a ‘Surgical Skin Salesman’ named Jeff. “If there’s one thing women love to hear on a first date it’s, ‘Well, I see human skin,’” he deadpanned, with reference to the latter.

Check out Fallon’s entire Bachelor-themed riff above.

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