Major Premiere & Finale Emergencies, Ranked

9-1-1 has become known for its major emergencies to kick off or end a season (for the most part).

Over its six seasons so far (with the seventh set to air on ABC, moving from Fox), there have been ones that have put at least one member of the 118 in danger, brought back key characters in the middle of a call, and stretched across multiple episodes. Who could forget the water receding during the tsunami arc? The state of the hotel during the earthquake? All of the 118 going down when an overpass collapsed?

But some of these, as a whole, ended up being more exciting than others. And so, while we wait to find out when we’ll see our favorite first responders again, we’re ranking the major emergencies from the premieres and finales below, from the least to most memorable.

9-1-1, Season 7, TBA, ABC

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