Season 8, Episode 9 — ‘Sanctuary’ – TVLine

Season 8, Episode 9 — ‘Sanctuary’ – TVLine

Season 8, Episode 9 — ‘Sanctuary’ – TVLine

If you RSVP’d yes to the pity party that Fear the Walking Dead threw Sunday, you already know that the episode cast Dwight as Debbie Downer. If you took a pass on the invitation, read on, and we’ll go over the events that led to his frown being turned upside down as Negan’s old haunt was rid of its last ghosts.

As “Sanctuary” began, Dwight was convinced by a human coincidence named Jay to break into the Saviors’ onetime stronghold to retrieve the insulin that had been stolen from him by a ruffian named Marty. (Not only was Jay diabetic like Honey’s late sister, he’d lost a wife as well as a son about Finch’s age.) With relative ease, Sanctuary security not being anywhere near up to Negan’s standards, Dwight snuck in and found the insulin. Yeah, he had to throw a guy named Paul into the furnace in order to escape, but escape he did, only to find that in the meantime… D’oh! Jay had turned.

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“I tried to make it right, Daryl, but I guess I couldn’t,” Dwight hollered into the night, loudly enough to raise the undead. “You should’ve just killed me when you had the chance!” Just then, Sherry, June and Dove arrived to recruit Dwight for the fight against Troy. But the erstwhile Red Kite didn’t think that he could save PADRE’s kids. “I couldn’t even save my own son.” Cue the arguing about how Finch’s death has to mean something, blah, blah, blah…

The following morning, Dwight, Sherry and June discovered that Dove had driven off and gotten herself shot by Marty’s crew. The villain was perfectly happy to let June avail herself of the Sanctuary’s medical supplies to save the girl — if, that is, Dwight allowed a now-crisped and walkerfied Phil to chow down on him. That’d be a no, Sherry said by opening fire. Intent on removing the bullet that had taken up residence in Dove’s abdomen, our protagonists drove back to the Sanctuary and its stockpile of gauze, leaving Marty & Co. behind. (Because in this episode, only good guys have vehicles at their disposal.)

Soon, walkers trying to gain entrance to the fortress threatened its structural integrity. (Did not realize zombies were strong enough to push over a brick building.) Before Dwight could go distract them, Sherry deduced that he was on a suicide mission and locked him away for his own safety. “Still dying here,” Dove somehow refrained from saying. In no time, Sherry found herself pinned beneath a downed fence with walkers slobbering inches from her face.

Eventually, June freed Dwight, and he saved Sherry so that they could bicker about Deep Issues while surrounded by walkers. (You know, as one will.) By the time Marty and his gang showed up, the Sanctuary was on the verge of collapsing. After Dwight freed Phil from the furnace and served him Marty on a platter, our heroes hid in the furnace, its fire conveniently out. The following day, Dwight had been transformed into Mary Sunshine. “Maybe something good can come from something bad,” he said. So he’d join the fight against Troy. And he still wanted June to be a part of his family. And you, too, Dove; why not? He even saw a freakin’ finch — a sure sign that he’d succeeded in honoring his and Sherry’s son.

Finally, in the episode’s last moments, we discovered that Troy’s MIA daughter Tracy was in the possession of none other than Strand (now going by Victor again instead of Anton). She was about to serve a valuable purpose, he explained. She was going to help him save PADRE.

Your thoughts on “Sanctuary”? Too heavy on the coincidences or no? Hit the comments.

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