Cidigi – RADAM (Pon the Move) [Official Video]

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Produced by Tjtorry106 x Kdmusic

Everything well balance
Mi clap e k and dem a run like mad ants
We Up in dem town and a fuck dem madam
Have a switch pon e glock
wid e chip deh galang

“How e sound mad dawg 🗣”
Radam !!!

Dunce yf like seh yu nuh understand
Anuh any gyal a road can see mi undapants
Fuck Michelle today tomorrow mi fuck pam

u will never hear seh mi fuck frank
Bang bang
Mobay mi come from
Suh mi live pon e line like towel and rag

Listen to mi mam this is not a scam
But at gonna need like everything you have

Chorus: Weh mi gone Weh mi gone pon di move
Rep 2

Drop di Molly ‘nna di booze now mi head deh pon di moon

Vrs 2
“Knock knock”
Mi have him gal a kill it wid a dozen back shot
cya believe eye him mussi feel a prank tht
Seh him wan war but mi bring a 1strap
Anuh di bag dat bada Dan Baghdad
“That’s y man a call and u nuh ansa”
Hurry up baby and pull e padlock
Weh mi gone


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