KiKi Skinner

KiKi Skinner is a Music Journalist who owns and operates Indie music blog Klef Notes ( Niche: Indie / Underground Music. Client/Reader radius: International Owner of Key Focus Music (publishing company) – 20+ years songwriting experience. ½ of the songwriting duo TK Skinner Worked as the writer, proofreader and editor for the Dorough Lupus Foundation’s support group newsletter from 2008-2010 in Winter Park Florida. Spends time between the USA and UK.
If you are tired of the herding routine of the current establishment, what’s one way to wake them up and shake things up?  Smack em in the face with a righteous, hypnotic, song that is in your face, infectious, unapologetic, and smokin.  A track just released in Australia and in the UK from the Collegians’ camp does just that and it is entitled “Black Mass.” Following the monster track “Vaccine,” “Black Mass” is an arena-worthy track that