Lady Gaga Fans Are Convinced This Olympic Athlete Is Basically Her Twin

Never mind poker face—that’s Lady Gaga‘s face!

Fans of the singer couldn’t help but do a double take over photos of Jordan’s Julyana Al-Sadeq and Brazil’s Milena Titoneli as they faced off in women’s Taekwondo at the Tokyo Olympics. While Titoneli ended up defeating Al-Sadeq, it wasn’t the match itself that had Little Monsters’ attention. Instead, they were rubbing their eyes over Al-Sadeq, who—judging by the pictures—apparently could be Gaga’s long lost twin. 

It wasn’t long before the internet took notice of the women’s uncanny resemblance. “This is Lady Gaga at the Tokyo Olympics,” a tweet with a photo of Al-Sadeq read, “and no one can convince me otherwise.”

Another echoed, “Lady gaga said “f*ck grammys and oscars, i want a gold olympic medal now.”

Poking fun at the actress’ viral quote, one tweet read, “There can be a hundred people at the olympics and one of them is Lady Gaga competing for a taekwondo medal.”

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