Sam Fishman: “End of Time” by Eileen Shapiro

Just released from recording artist Sam Fishman, is an audaciously powerful, musically ingenious, insanely relevant full length masterpiece of an album entitled, “End of Time”. The record is a collaboration of vocals, and sonic elation, infused with a story telling, progressive rock flavored journey.

A drummer himself, Sam Fishman has been in many groups, bands and ensembles, touring Europe, the US, Japan, and South Korea. He has shared the stage with the likes of Aerosmith, Godsmack, Lynrd Skynrd, Weezer, Shinedown and others.

Sam describes “End of Time” as “a progressive rock soundtrack in search of an animated feature film”…..

I think you’re one of the great music geniuses on this planet.

I don’t know about that.

What was in your head when you created this?

The key for me was collaboration. I think that was the key word there. Really being able to recognize who would be able to do what. Kurt worked with me on guitar and bass and co-wrote the songs with me. We just had a great rapport. I couldn’t have done it without him, so that’s really what the key was. I just have lots of thoughts in my head, constantly, like every minute, every second… how can I do this? How can I do that?

I can tell.

Well I’m glad you enjoyed it.

How would you describe “End of Time”?

This is really my first project that I produced. I can describe it as the soundtrack searching for a movie. That’s kind of how I see it. It has a story line coming through and I really feel that there could be an incredible visual component. So I kind of did it backwards. I created the soundtrack before the movie.

So now do you plan to create the movie?

Well, yeah we’re going to do the movie next. I feel like it should be animated.

Yeah, I do too.

I think that that’s the best way to describe it. It definitely goes to a lot of different genres. I think the bottom line is rock ‘n’ roll but as you know there’s a lot of stuff happening in there.

Definitely. When you were growing up, whom were your influences?

So I can trace this back to eighth grade. My friend Josiah Wolfson said, ” Sam you have to listen to “Dark Side of the Moon” by Pink Floyd. I said I would give it a shot. So I asked my mom to buy it for me and she bought it for me. It was my first CD that I ever really listened to. That completely blew my mind. I though, “OMG, the possibilities of sound”. I carried that with me through the years and as I’ve matured and grown it still was a huge influence on me.

Are you going to be playing this album live, like in a tour?

The live thing is a great question because I really haven’t thought about performing it live. It started off as a studio project. It could be performed live. I’m definitely open to it but it wasn’t the initial goal. It would be cool and it would be amazing to do. It would be something that I would have to really sit down and think about how I wanted to do that, think about how I wanted to organize it.

You could do so much with it….and so little. It would still have a really cool affect.

Yeah. I like that. It would be something! It took about a year and a half to put this thing together and it really stems from the fact that I felt that I had been playing a lot of rock music that wasn’t my own. After years of doing that I thought that I had a lot inside of me, and I was going through some rough times in my life, and I decided I needed to get Sam Fishman out. So it manifested itself in the form of “End of Time”. I was just wanting to do something as you’ve heard, that blended two genres, that was more authentic than a lot of the rock that I’ve been hearing. I felt like it’s been so bland lately and I wanted to give something to the musical community specifically hard rock and the progressive community that really challenged people a little bit and still remained accessible.

Have you ever considered taking this to England. I feel like they would love it there.

I’ve thought of that actually. I love the idea, I’ve considered it but I think I get hung up sometimes with the logistics of it and the financial aspects of it. I think if I could somehow find a way to make that all happened, than I’m totally game. I think people would totally love it.

You’re a drummer, correct?


What influenced you or motivated you to write “End of Time” as far as the content aspect of the album?

Ok, so the motivation behind this was like I said, going through years and years of playing other people’s music, and then in the back of my mind just saying, “I think I can do it better, I think I can make it more interesting, I think I could make it more cinematic, with more impact”. So all those years of sitting back and playing other people’s music, that was the catalyst for me to say “all right it’s my time now I need to get this out.” So that’s really what inspired me. I wanted to do something meaningful too lyrically. So I went to two singers that I knew to provide some lyrics that really were profound. Like Samantha writing about the car crash and the texting and driving incident, and she was actually involved in a car crash. So she really could relate to that. Ryan, a friend of mine since high school, he wrote about the mass incarceration song. “Stolen Lives”. Initially it was something instrumental and I just wanted something that was heavy and had a full-time signature. I sent it off to Ryan and told him to let the music inspire him, and I was correct. I mean he gave me something that was about mass incarceration and people in prison for nonviolent crimes. Something that is really relevant. So the combination of wanting to get my own personality out there, and wanting to do something meaningful that would be like when you go to see a movie you take something away from it…. and that’s really what I wanted from this music.

I think you’ve got it.

I’m already thinking about a second project. So I have to keep going with it, I have to keep on keeping on.

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