Angela Predhomme: “Hidden Wings” by Eileen Shapiro

Sophisticated, soul, jazz, pop artist Angela Predhomme, hailing from the Detroit area has recently released her new single called, “Hidden Wings”. Her salaciously soulful voice combined with a relevant and dramatic lyrics relate a relevant message, and good listening.

“This is an important song to me because it’s about breaking free from the things that keep us from living the life we really want to, and taking that leap of faith. It’s about believing in ourselves and finding that courage”…. the artist

Angela’s Music has been heard on college radio, on AAA, and throughout retail locations. Her songs are heartfelt, emotional, passionate, and filled with soul, imagination, inspiration, and honesty. They are easy to listen to, and quite addictive. Angela is definitely an honest to be watched in the very near future, although very new to her craft. She will be releasing several follow up singles, and finally an album shortly.

I spoke with Angela and found her extremely authentic and candid. We spoke about her music, her influences, and her future endeavors. There is no doubt she is already an accomplished songwriter and an “Astronomical” singer.

I absolutely love your music, I love your voice….when did you start singing ?

I started singing very late in life. I probably didn’t start singing until I was 28 years old. It wasn’t until after I had kids. Yeah, I started singing really late. The only reason I started singing was because I wanted to learn to play the guitar and it kind of goes with it. However I play the piano from when I was young. I was way too shy and not a natural performer. I had tons of stage fright and singing was horrifying to me. The idea of even opening my mouth like that. So it took me a good part of my life to get the courage to do it and then I decided I wasn’t doing this just so I could do it in my living room. I had to find the courage to do this, to sing and to let other people hear me. So I did and I got positive feedback so I just thought I would keep going with it.

I like that story. Usually when I ask people when they started doing music they tell me at a very early age so it was refreshing to hear that you started late. So I was wondering where do you want to go with your music? Where would you like to be in five years?

In five years I would like for the music to be known. Unless the music landscape changes I don’t expect for it to be huge like Ed Sheeran or Taylor Swift huge…..but known to the type of people that like music like that. I would tour some, but I don’t people that are on the road 300 days of the year, because I have a dog. So I would like the music to be known and I would like to have A connection to people that I really respect and enjoying the music industry. So really I would just like to rise within the industry. I would be happy if I was at a higher level in the music industry, and known to people that like my genre. I know it isn’t a huge majority of 15-year-olds but I think it’s for people that like mellow music.

What do you consider your genre to be?

You know I’ve asked a lot of people about this because you have to specify that when you release it. They put your music in certain categories. I asked a lot of people because I don’t know either but I’ve decided on singer songwriter. It’s a new genre call singer songwriter, some people call it Pop, but when I think of Pop I think of Katy Perry. Singer-songwriter is a good genre. Maybe singer-songwriter as a sub-genre of pop. I don’t know what Michael Bublé is but it’s kind of like that. Some people consider it adult contemporary.

I don’t think you are at all adult contemporary.

Yeah, I think that term is outdated anyway. What would you call this music?

I might call it sophisticated jazz, a sophisticated pop.

Yeah, it is bluesy jazzy… The guitar player I work with is an actual jazz musician. He doesn’t consider my work jazz at all. He calls it like folk. But I can see how it can be considered jazz. In America is there something called adult album alternative, the AAA genre. I asked some people about that, but the guy that works with a radio hub, and the AAA editor there said that it’s not really AAA, that it’s too polished. He said AAA is more edgy.

I might call it sophisticated soul.

Yeah….I like that.

Will you be performing any-where to support your music ?

In the Detroit area I’m not really well-known so I’m not headlining festivals or anything like that but the gigs that I can do they want covers, covers, covers….and they are four hour gigs in a restaurant. I just don’t want to do those kind of gigs. I want to do my original music as an artist. To get enough to even pay a band who are professional musicians and don’t want to work for free, so booking is a struggle for me. I tried to book some concert series near me, like Friday in the Park, but those are horribly competitive. They are really competitive with very established acts. They all seem to have themes like Motown night, or oldies night, they almost like wedding bands. I am interested in finding out how to do some good gigs.

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