Steve Gordon “Guitar Scales” by Eileen Shapiro

Classically trained musician Steve Gordon has created an epic scale system for guitarists. The name of the book is entitled “Guitar Scales” in Three Octaves In All Keys.

The book is for all levels and knowledge of guitars. He calls it “ The New Logical Path For Scale and Fretboard Knowledge”. I shared some questions and answers with Steve regarding this helpful manuscript

Who would most benefit from buying your book?

I think all guitarists, irrespective of style or experience, would benefit from buying the book. Guitar teachers in particular will find the book extremely useful because the system is straight-forward, and it’s easy to assimilate into a daily practice routine. Once you memorize a handful of very logical fingerings, you will be able to play all thirty-six major, melodic minor and harmonic minor scales.

Is the book designed for a beginner or an already accomplished guitarist?

I designed it with all guitarists in mind. However, beginning and intermediate guitarists probably will benefit the most. With that in mind, the book is concise, yet very detailed. After a brief introduction and “User’s Guide,” all thirty-six scales are presented in both standard notation and tablature with complete fingerings that correspond to specific frets and fretboard positions. This is very helpful when learning how to read music for the guitar and acquiring fretboard knowledge.

How did you discover or create your method?

The method was born of necessity. I simply wanted a three-octave scale method for guitar that’s logical and clearly presented. As I say in the preface of the book, “I have searched endlessly to find a logical and systematic approach for three-octave major and minor scales similar to those that can be found for other instruments…I have not found a three-octave guitar scale system…in one simple and succinct book. So, I wrote my own.” I would add, and this is very important, I wanted to create a system that was immediately and easily useful.

Please tell me a little about Steve Gordon.

I’ve been a musician for most of my life. I am classically trained, having started on violin and then switching to viola, the instrument I played professionally for over thirty years. However, I’ve always loved rock and blues, and a large part of my musical journey as a young teenager (along with classical studies) consisted of me trying my best to learn what I could from the great guitar players of the “Classic Rock” era.

Would you be creating more books of this nature down the road?

I don’t think so. That said, lately I’ve incorporated three-octave major and minor arpeggios into my daily scale drill. Expanding the book to include arpeggios, also replete with fingerings, etc. might be a good idea.

I’d there a style or genre of guitar that your book would be most helpful for?

I honestly think the scale-system provides a great foundation for any style.

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