Lucinda Belle: “I’ll Be Loving You” by Eileen Shapiro

London born, San Francisco-based jazz/alternative pop recording artist and Harpist, Lucinda Belle has just released her new single entitled, “I’ll Be Loving You”. The song grabs you instantly and is a jazzy, retro, vocally angelic passionate song reminiscent of the music of the 1940s and 50s. Her music is elegant and exciting at the same time.

Considered a child prodigy at the harp, everyone thought Lucinda would follow a classical music path. However with the gathering of a collection of musical influences while she grew up Lucinda instead turn to jazz and pop music. Her new EP called “Urban Lullabies” will be released shortly as well.

I spoke to Lucinda regarding her career, her harp and her musical influences….

When did you first start doing music?

I started with music when I was six years old when I started to play the harp. So really I had a very classical upbringing. When I got a little bit older I started listening to jazz and to gospel music and to Brazilian Bossa Nova music. That I think had a big influence on me. Then gospel music, I kind of found it unknowingly. I started to sing out in jazz clubs and do open mics. Then I started to go to the pop music side. I got my first record deal. I was kind of a pop star and then I shook that of a few years later and I decided to play the harp. I grew up with these harpists that were these old fashion women in church. It was all very Victorian. There wasn’t anyone that was paving the way, so all I had was people like Harpo Marx and Dorothy Ashby. So really they were my idol. I kind of take my lead from them of how I incorporate the harp with my music. Then I fell into the 50’s sound, Louis Prima, Keeley Smith. I describe myself as pop jazz.

You have a very unusual and unique type of voice and style. To me it’s more alternative pop jazz.

I kind of agree with you.

Where do you hope to be in five years musically?

I want to be playing out in large venues globally with my band. Also I plan to bring to life a concept I’m currently working on in a music incubator that is a touring show that brings to life the elements of competition, music genre crossing and melding (i.e. classical/jazz) whilst drawing influences from traditional Jamaican soundclashes. (A part of my youth!)… i’m being vague I know, but if I am able to fund, bring to life and deliver what’s currently in creation this should be fun and a new way for different audiences to access classical music with involvement.

Do you write your own music?

Yeah. I write all my music.

Singer Lucinda Belle photographed at Toe Rag Studios in East London.
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Do you still play the harp?

I play the harp whilst I’m on stage. It’s very difficult sometimes. I’ve got to rent a harp…it’s not the easiest instrument …I’m kind of use to it. I play the harp and I sing in a live show I try to do a bit of both. I tried to mix it up a bit so people can actually feel me on stage with my instrument.

If you could tell your fans and followers anything, what would you want them to know about you?

That’s an interesting question. I think I’d like to present to people authenticity and vulnerability in a way. I think I would want my fans and my audience to want to get to know me, my journey, as well as my music. I would love for them to dive in a bit deeper because there is always a story behind a song. I think that’s interesting in life moving forward, why has this come about, who is this person? If there is some kind of a way that people can relate to that then that’s kind of what I want.

What inspired the new single?

The single was the first song I wrote on the album. I wrote it literally crying and laughing at the same time. It was the beginning of the album. I think if I hadn’t written the song I wouldn’t have written the album. It was the beginning of moving on from heartache and letting go. ” If I could ever, ever go over you, I could learn to love you with a different view, I could love you, love you true,
If I could ever find a different way, to see you and be sure that I don’t feel the same, I could love you, Love you for being you. !”

Are you still married?

Yeah, I’m still married. I went through email I did the tinder dating, I did the whole 9 yards. I was single for a while. I was writing about my experiences, basically with men who let me down. Sorry but it’s true.

What is most important to you regarding the album?

One of the things that is really important when you mention this record, I wanted to relay the fact that it is kind of timeless. You said it yourself I remind you of something a bit more old school. I kind of wanted that approach. These days you can just put out a single because an album is not necessarily that important. But to produce a body of work is what it’s about. I recorded this in an eight track recording studio in East London. Basically I wanted to be authentic so I recorded the album in an track studio. That song was only two takes, that vocal that you hear is literally a two take vocal. So there were no kinds of tricks. It’s kind of quite authentic. I’m really of into that. We had to rehearse the band quite a lot. They would go in and play it live like the old days. I’m proud of it. I really like this song and I think it’s a cool thing to be able to say. I’m very critical of myself and probably my worst critic. I really like it, so I’m happy.

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