Paul Price: Good Field: “Surface Tension” by Eileen Shapiro

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“Surface Tension” is the newest release by Good Field, the Texas based band who has opened for groups such as White Denim, Big Thief, Heartless Bastards, and The Alarm. The ten track album is a sensational taste of Indie rock at its best, filled with vibrant melodies, melancholy themes, and serious instrumentals.

The faction consists of lead singer and guitarist, Paul Price, Michael McCleod on bass, Esteban Cruz on the drums, and Kyle Robertson playing keys. The band has toured the East Coast and played on 61 college radios. They also have several festivals under their belt as well.

I spoke with lead singer Paul Price regarding the band’s music, influences, and future efforts.

How did your band originate?

I was playing with a couple of bands called, Voxtrot, and Brazos, in 2012. When I was at home I was working on a solo record. After it was done I decided to call on Good Field to play the record. So that’s kind of how it all began. Since then we’ve come out with two more records and it’s been much more of a collaboration with the team players.

Do you play live?

We do.

Are you planning to tour in support of your new record?

We plan to do more regional stuff. The last two records we did, we did several east coast tours but I think this time it makes more sense for us to stay in the cities nearby, and play until there is a good opportunity to go on the road and play maybe with some friends.

Is there favorite song from the new album that you enjoy playing the most?

We have fun with “Necessary Feeling”, the first track on the album. That’s what we usually close the set with. There is a break in the middle of it that you can have fun with.

Paul, you play the guitar and sing?


You all collaborate on writing the song is correct?

Yes. This record is almost all collaboration. I usually write the lyrics but we usually retreat somewhere for a weekend where there’s not too much phone reception or Internet and we sit down and write and record.

What influences your songs?

Especially this record it is kind of West Texas, it’s kind of just our environment. We just write about wherever we are, like the weekend retreats, there are big chunks of land or like a cabin area… mostly west Texas landscapes.

If you could have your ultimate stage fantasy what would you want to happen?

I would want to be descending on the stage with wings while I’m playing a guitar solo, and there are strobe lights on me. That would be the pinnacle of my music career.

Growing up who did you listen to on the radio?

Of course The Beatles, in the 90’s it was Radiohead, and Tom Petty was a big one for me. A lot of classic rock I guess. It wasn’t all classic rock….

If you could say anything to your fans or followers what would you want them to know?

I would want them to know that this is about fun!

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